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Have a positive dating experience...Listening For Love!

Although a "reality" show, the hit Netflix series Love is Blind did open our eyes to the possibility of finding love without the distracting and superficial standards of "attractive" physical attributes. When we date in an environment where our core values, passions, humor, empathy, and communication skills are what others connect with first,  who we are (and not what we look like) suddenly makes a big difference in the dating world. And isn't that the part of us that really counts in relationships?! Let's turn off our eyes and turn on our ears and heart to find genuine connection, romance, and a lasting relationship with Dating IRL's Listing For Love! 

The Process

Stage 1: Application

Stage 2: Reflection & Prep

Stage 3: Selection

Stage 4: Connection

Stage 5: Relationship

In order to participate in L4L, you must complete an application, pay the application fee, pass a background check, and meet Larissa or other Dating IRL staff to verify the information.  

Six weeks before the start of Stage 3, selected participants will receive access & invitations to guided reflection worksheets, personal coaching, and Women Only or Men Only Q & A sessions. 

Stage 3 is the main event. We have 4 rounds of conversations in 8 days so participants can narrow down their matches efficiently without a large time investment. Guidance for conversation topics and decision-making is provided to help you bring your best while focusing on what you want. Participants that match at the end will meet in person for dinner and decide together on a focused 3-date or 3-month commitment.  

Whether you decide to go it alone or invest in the L4L support of coaching and community, the journey with your partner is in your hands. By offering & receiving support, open communication, intimacy, and trust, here's where you truly grow as individuals and hopefully as a couple! Dating IRL will offer relationship coaching and activity dates to share with the other L4L couples every month to keep things positive and fun!  

At the end of your committed time, you hopefully have built a meaningful relationship that you want to continue.  If you've enjoyed your time together and believe there's more growing to do or love to share, by all means...keep it going! Maybe it lasts another month,