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Let us make the next move! 

Dating can be sooo difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating! Some of the struggles we've seen in the dating culture today are the insecurity around initiating a connection, an unreasonable time schedule for investment, the lack of time and space to build trust, and the lack of a supportive community on your path. Therefore, we created Mindful MatchUp to help move your attractions and connections to the next step without putting you in an awkward situation!

Exciting Connection?

Bump into someone cute at the grocery store? Have a great conversation with someone at an in-person event?  Want to see them again but feel awkward with making a move? 

Find Your Tribe Too!

Tell us more about you and we'll connect you with not only those you have a connection with but also people we think you'll have a lot in common with. From friends to sparks, connections abound when you're having fun with good people!

Tell Us About It!

We've got the answer for you! Complete a Connection Counter Form to tell us whom you met. Enter  their first name, date and location of the connection and we'll take it from there!

Have Fun & Build Trust 

We're gifting you the time & space to have simple fun while building trust through a variety of experiences with your matches. You get quality time to get to know each other in a curated small group (6 - 10 coed) event.

The Feeling's Mutual!!

If both of you enter a connection, matching in date and location, you'll "match"! From there, we'll follow your preferences on how to move it forward, from sending contact info to curated quality time. 

Find Lasting Love

As social accountability and friendship builds, so will your attraction and trust with those that have consistently shown up for you! This time, when you can't stop thinking about them, you know you've got a real, authentic relationship ahead of you! 

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