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Limited & Exclusive Coaching Bonus!

The Game-Changing Workbook for Dating Success

Purchasing Dating IRL's Little Black Book comes with the bonus material of over 40 minutes of advice from The Mindful Dating Coach & Dating IRL's founder, Larissa Hanson. Watch all at once or as you move through the journal - these videos are here to help you get the most out of this reflective and mindful resource. Enjoy!

Intro to the Workbook

Bringing mindfulness & intention to dating!

Intentions Section

What intentions do you have?

About Me

What is true for you?


Who have you met?

The Big Picture

What have you learned?

What do you think?

Your growth is our goal! 

How has this workbook helped you? What new mindsets has it brought to your dating experiences? Let us know how this workbook and/or videos have played a role in your life or tell us how we can improve. Offering powerful tools to shaping a healthier, happier you is our priority and your feedback is important for us to reach our goals. Thank you for your time.

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